What is the YWCA of Tokyo? [English]

The YWCA of Tokyo (The Young Women's Christian Association of Tokyo)is a women's organization based on Christian faith, started in November of 1905 with Tsuda Umeko for the first President. Though it is a Christian organization,it is also open to non-Christians who agree with its aim stated below.


The YWCA, believing in the equal value of each individual in front of God, aims to deepen fellowship among its members, to protect the dignity of each person and to promote peace and justice along with the members of YWCAs all over the world.

At present, about 700 members of all ages are studying and doing volunteer activities in various groups at the Tokyo YWCA building,three centers, members' homes and community halls of some Wards in Tokyo. The YWCA of Tokyo is an international organization as well.It is one of the local YWCAs in Japan organized under the YWCA of Japan (the National YWCA). Since the YWCA of Japan is a member the World YWCA, becoming a member of the YWCA of Tokyo means to take a part in the international fellowship of the world-wide organization.

Briefly about the World YWCA - The YWCA was born in London, England in 1855 as a group of Christian women for praying and serving others. In 1894,groups aiming for the same goal gathered together from various countries and formed the World YWCA. Its head office is in Geneva, Switzerland. Now in more than 100 areas and countries, the World YWCA is carrying out activities focused on women's health and their environment; violence against women; child abuse; advocating peace in the Middle East and so forth.

The logo type of YWCA

A expresses a wish for the sound growth of people. Each side of the triangle represents Spirit, Wisdom and Body; the horizontal line stands for service and fellowship.

As a member of this organization, YWCA of Tokyo sends its delegates through the Japan YWCA to the conferences sponsored by the World YWCA such as the World Convention of YWCA, World Youth Conferences, etc.

Yearly Membership

Those who are interested in the YWCA of Tokyo, its aim and its activities, are invited to become members. Please contact us. Email: office@tokyo.ywca.or.jp

Membership fee:

  • Female : age 18 or over \7,000
  • Female : age under 30 \3,000
  • Female : age under 18 \2,000
  • male : age 18 or over \5,000
  • male : age under 30 \3,000
  • male : age under 18 \1,500
  • corporation / company : \30,000

Facilities of the YWCA of Tokyo


Tokyo YWCA building
1-8-11 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062
phone.03-3293-5421 / fax.03-3293-5570

Musashino center
4-9-28 Kichijojihoncho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0004
phone.0422-27-5871 / fax.0422-27-5872

Itabashi center
1-34-25 Sakashita、Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0043
phone.03-5914-1854 / fax.03-5914-1852

Kokuryo center
7-11-1 Kokuryocho, Chyofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0022
phone.042-483-5151 / fax.042-483-5207

Nojiri Campsite
Information on Nojiri Campsite is available at the Tokyo YWCA building.

*For more information , please contact us. Email: office@tokyo.ywca.or.jp

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1-8-11 Kandasurugadai, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-0062
Email : office@tokyo.ywca.or.jp