What's JMIS Movement?

JMIS Movement started in 1961. JMIS Movement is a volunteer group which covers a wide range of activities related to international students studying in Japan. It is based on numerous one-on-one (international student / Japanese mother) relations in the family context and aims at helping those youngsters fulfill their studies in Japan by friendly communication.
At the same time, JMIS Movement has been trying to improve study and living environment for them in our society.
We believe those activities lead to mutual trust and understanding beyond national boundaries.

JMIS Committee

JMIS Movement is operated by the JMIS committee representing 230 members, and by 3 subcommittees.
The annual programs such as Orientation for the Student Applicants, Meeting Day, Japanese Language Speech Contest, Christmas party, and Graduation Celebration are planned by the JMIS Committee.

Regional Groups

1306yokohamaBBQ2.jpgAs the members are scattered over the vast metropolitan area, each member is to belong to one of the 10 regional groups.
Each group holds its own meetings for the members' mutual support and friendship, and events for the students and family members to enjoy together.

Voluntary Groups

Members are very active in taking part in group activities according to their special interests. There are groups for :

  • "Saturday Conversation Lounge" managing groupe
  • "Advisory Room for International Students " managing groupe
  • "Working Grope" issues of special concern about international students
  • "Quest" studying about the students' home countries
  • "Ryuugakusei to Watashitachi no Ayumi " (International Students and Us) editing JMIS magazine published semi-annually, carrying records of the JMIS Movement, members' and students' opinions,etc.
  • "HPG" building and updating JMIS homepage

Programs for International Studens Studying in Japan

Student-Mother Matching

Upon joining JMIS Movement, a new member is matched with an international student and becomes his/her Japanese "mother" to give spiritual support (It is not home-stay).
Members warmly accept the matched students in their families. Though how to keep relations is up to each member, the relationships often last not only during the students' study years but even longer.
Exchange Program with Japanese Family

Meeting Day
12taimen3.jpgThe matched student and JMIS mother are introduced to each other for the first time on the Meeting Day.

JMIS Scholarship for International Students

In 1982, JMIS Movement founded this scholarship program according to their wishes to encourage international students who study seriously in the face of financial difficulties and intend to work, in the future, for the same ideal as the YWCA aims at.
With contributions by many people who understand and support the Movement, and with members' special efforts for the scholarship funds, the program has offered the scholarship to 320 international students by 2012.