Entrance fee and Menbership rates

Sales tax included in above expenses(currency:¥)

Membership types full time day time night student

Entrance fee

Registration costs 3,000+tax
Monthly fee 11,000+tax 10,000+tax 10,000+tax 6,600+tax
Participant Female over 16 years Female Students

*Free towel service

Things Necessary for application

1.One photo taken recently (size 3cm × 2.5cm)
2.Cash: Entrance fee, Registratin costs, and Monthly fee (for two months)
4.Hanko (for bank account)

How to apply

Fill the application blank and present it with the automatic payment application form and fees necessary to apply at the front desk.Talking orientation is required before the first use.

Entrance fee is valid until withdrawal from membership. Monthly fee is charged to the registered bank account.

Menber's benefits

1.FREE lessons of aerobic dance exercise,stretch,aqua exercise etc.
2.Discount service in swimming,Yoga and other classes.

Hours of Operations

Weekdays・・・・・・・10:00-21:30 (last check in time 20:30)
Saturday・・・・・・・・・・・・10:00-17:30 (last check in time 16:30)

Closed on Sunday・holidays/Christmas/New Year holidays(2022.12/29-2023.1/5)

Lesson schedule

 Lesson Schedule 2022.07-09.pdf
 Lesson Schedule 2022.10-12.pdf