Tokyo YWCA 'Japanese Mother for International Students' Movement (JMIS) Scholarship

Tokyo YWCA 'Japanese Mothers for International Students' Movement (JMIS) Scholarship was established through a 50-year support activity for foreign students by the JMIS. This scholarship offers grants for privately financed international students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies in Japan. This program is also designed to help potential foreign students enhance their ability to realize a non-discriminatory and peaceful society, which has been pursued by YWCA.

Guidelines of the JMIS Scholarship

1. Eligibility

Applicants must meet all of the following eligibility conditions.
1) Applicants must be 'privately financed international students' and hold 'Student (Ryuugaku)' visa.
2) Applicants must be university (undergraduate course), junior college, or professional training college students attending first grade or second in Japan.
(Students whose major is Japanese Language Education in professional training college cannot be accepted. )
3) Accepted candidates must attend JMIS exchange seminar to be held three times a year.
4)The total yearly amount of funding from other scholarships may not be exceeded JPY 360,000.

2. Number of Students to be Accepted : 5 Students

3. How to Provide Scholarship

1) Duration of Scholarship: 1 year from Apri - March
2) Monthly Allowance: JPY 30,000
3) How Scholarship is provided:
Deposited into the bank account you designated twice a year (1: July, 2: October)

4. How to Receive Guidelines for Applicants and Application Forms (application period is early to mid-May)
Receive from either one of the following three options after the beginning of March:
1) Visit Tokyo YWCA JMIS Office.
2) Request the forms by postal mail. Be sure to enclose a self-addressed envelope with an 82-yen stamp (width 12cm, length 23.5cm).
3) Download the forms on the JMIS website.

(Guidelines and application forms are written in Japanese.
An applicant must write two essays in Japanese, and take an interview in Japanese.)

Guidelines and Application Forms of the JMIS Scholarship